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  5. "We are not boys, we are men."

"We are not boys, we are men."

Translation:Noi nu suntem băieți, noi suntem bărbați.

November 16, 2016



What's the difference between 'ţ' and 'ț'?


The first one is a T with cedilla, the second one is a T with comma. The letters with cedilla are used in many languages, most notably Turkish, while the comma is used in Romanian.

Windows replaced by mistake the letters with comma with those with cedilla on its earlier Romanian versions and thus the cedilla variants became widespread in Romania. It's been rectified in Windows 7.


Both are variations of the same letter, both are widely used, but the official one is Ț/ț.


What? How can anything in these two answers be a thing? These are both exactly the same thing in appearance. (At least as far as i can tell.) What am i missing?


For clarity, I'm talking about the "t" with the comma under it ... And the "t" with the comma under it.


Should there not be a semicolon here, or does Romanian not use those?


I wouldn't put them in the English phrase as well - a comma is enough


These are two independent clauses, though. A semicolon is preferable here.


Depends on the phrase I think. In this phrase, I would personally use a comma.


I was certainly taught that two independent clauses needed a semi-colon between them, but I think the semi-colon is fading from modern usage. I seldom see it in this type of sentence in Duolingo whatever the language. And not often elsewhere either.

Be good to consult a recent style manual such as those used by major newspapers and magazines for what is currently acceptable.


Sîntem it shouldn't be marked as a typo, it's grammatically acceptable to use both suntem/sîntem.


it's not actually

are you a Romanian native?


I'm from Moldova.

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