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  5. "Eu citesc o scrisoare."

"Eu citesc o scrisoare."

Translation:I read a letter.

November 16, 2016



How very Romanian to have a verb with the Slavic root "to read" and a noun with the Romance root "to write" in the same sentence.

[deactivated user]

    True that, it's "czytać" in Polish, how lovely to see the roots. :)


    Ha ha, I was going to say the same thing... it's so much easier to learn Romanian with those Slavicism :)


    Activează sis programul


    To some extent Romanian is a hybrid language, which makes it very interesting. Until the 19th century there was a lot more Slavic influence which was limited by the process of re-latinization during the 19th century.


    Indeed, that 19c nationalistic language purification movement affected lots of languages, with Romanians dropping Hungarian and Slavic words for words from French, Hungarian dropping Romance and Germanic words for new constructions form Uralic roots, and even German constructing new Germanic words to take the place of Latin roots. I wish I could remember the name, but there was an Italian humanist traveler of the sixteenth century who, writing about his travels in the Danubian region, suggested that Hungarian was a Romance language and Romanian a Slavic one. Of course, that does not make sense in modern linguistic terms, but it demonstrates how much their vocabularies were changed in the 19c.


    exactly. Russian Chitat' (chitaesh) but still it is a predominantly latin language, very easy for me until now ( French mother tongue, studied Latin, speak spanish-portuguese and italian, live in South America). Nice language.


    Does Romanian have any words with a root pisati (to write)? Technically speaking, scrib- also appears in (some) Slavic languages (e.g. Bulg скребец /"scraper"/), however, with the more archaic meaning "to delve, to scrape", not with the more abstract sense of "writing".


    Pisat is Russian. . Pisat'


    I'm not asking what it is (I am from Bulgaria => I know the core Slavic vocabulary), but whether Romanian has any words with this root.


    Sorry. i was not sure. You have a nice country. I've been many times to PLOVDIV for the international fairs, that was in the 70's.


    That's a fascinating question. I might also broaden the question to ask whether there was any such word before the language reforms of the nineteenth century, if anyone is familiar with older Romanian texts. Heck, I might even ask whether there were any writing words relating to the Hungarian root ir-, but all of the Hungarian words I have seen in Romanian have been nouns.


    The only one I know is "PISÁNIE, pisanii, s. f. Inscripție sculptată în piatră, în lemn, în metal, pictată etc. pe lespezile unor morminte sau deasupra ușii principale la intrarea într-o biserică, în care sunt consemnate datele privind hramul, donatorul, ctitorul, meșterul, data ridicării etc. – Din sl. pisanije." (From webdex)


    What is "the letter"? Scrisorea or scrisoarea?


    Is this past or present tense?

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