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November 16, 2016



Do you add "ul" to a word if it's masculine and "ua" if the word is feminine?

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You have to add the additional 'u' for feminine nouns ending in stressed 'a' - like 'cafea'.


You add the "ua" when the word ends with "a" so no double "a" at the end. Also, if you have the word ending in "ă" you just replace the "ă" with "a". Example: Apă (Water) becomes Apa (The water).


So, if the word ends in an "ă" then to add a definite article, you would just change it to "a"?

So: fată → fata ?


yes, the same applies to other words such as pară, which becomes para when you want to say the pear. this is not a hard and fast rule tho, esp since a lot of feminine words don't end in ă


Etymology (cafea)

Borrowing from Ottoman Turkish قهوه (kahve), from Arabic قَهْوَة (qahwa). Akin to French café.


IPA: /kaˈfe̯a/


cafea f (plural cafele)

1) coffee

Cafea, ești singurul meu prieten.‎

Coffee, you're my only friend.

From Wiktionary


Declension chart:



Meu is also "my" and "mine" in portuguese. Ah, language. Such a fascinating history. :)


For Europe the answer is often: the Romans made their way up to here


It's actually: 'Cafea, ești singura mea prietenă'


How is this word pronounce, especially after cafe....i cant quite make out wjat she says


Is there something amiss about the recordings maybe? Sometimes I hear clicks (like a microphone being turned off) in the middle of phrases. In this recording I thought I heard an -L like noise at the end of cafeaua, which likewise seemed to not be a human part of the utterance


I'm not impressed with the digital sound of a lot of Duo's words. It sounds like MIDI file of an instrument - not the real thing, and oftennimpossible to reproduce with a human voice. In this case, it sounds like an autotuned cat giving its last dying moonlight serenade on a fencepost. I'm having a hard time repeating the words when theure produced by a comouter and arent a recording of an actual person.


It doesnt pronounce correctly


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so does romanian just not use the word the or what?


"The" is definite article. We just put the definite article at the end of the word. E.g: "I want a chair" -> "Eu vreau un scaun" "I want the chair" -> "Eu vreau scaunul" (Notice the "ul" at the end; that is the definite article "the" in English) Did that answer your question?


yes, thank you! that makes a lot more sense


or a glottal stop, maybe, at the spot I mark with an + like this: cafea+a Does the +ua ending come with a glottal stop? Or is it a technical glitch, like the clicks...


Agreed. Audio sounds messed up


Definitely glitch in the way the sound was cut


I knew it it is just that I forgot to presse on the "coffe"


is this really how it's pronounced? this doesn't sound human


Hi corgi. You're right, Romanian TTS has some issues and vowel clusters seems to be one of them. I'll look into removing this word untill the sound gets fixed


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