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  5. "Te rog, eu nu sunt un copil!"

"Te rog, eu nu sunt un copil!"

Translation:Please, I am not a child!

November 16, 2016



At first I thought "rog" could be another romanian word with slavic origin since it doesn't sound very latin but I found out that "Te rogo" in latin means "I ask/request of you". Interesting.


yup, Spanish "Te ruego..." still has that meaning, as well as meaning "I pray (to) you...." in both a religious and non-religious sense.


Mă rog = I pray, in religious way. Te rog = Please; Vă rog = Please (polite or for plural)


In Portuguese "te rogo" is also used in a religious sense. To ask for god. ;D Neo-latin languages are amazingly linked.


In Portuguese, "rogar" is a verb that can be used as "to ask/to beg". However, "rogar praga" ("praga" can be translated as "curse") means "to curse (someone)" or "to wish something bad (upon someone)". E.g. "Ele rogou praga em você" ("He cursed you").


This seems to be missing an "a" between "not" and "kid"!


Articles on Duolingo are totally, completely and absolutely random.


What do you mean by that? Some courses have no such problem. I assume its a translation error.


Can the collocation "te rog" be literally translated to "I ask you"? I just want to get a grasp of the phrases' individual words to get a better meaning of what exactly is being said.


yes, it can be literally translated to "i ask you". the verb "a ruga" can be translated as to ask, to implore, to beg, to pray :)


Mulțumesc, Getaraketa.


When you get put at the kids table at holiday dinners


I guess 'rog' is the latin root of 'inter-rog-ate', maybe that makes it easier to remember?


In the legal context, "letters rogatory" is a request by one court to another for help.


Duo is getting sassy already.

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    Hell yeah


    I am not kid is wrong grammatically. I am not a kid is now correct


    Yes, like someone has already mentions "te rog" does look and sound similar to the Spanish "te ruego" which also have the meaning of "I beg of you". Languages are so cool.


    Richard_lobos : you are correct and it is like spanish TE RUEGO


    The English translation here should be 'I am not a kid'


    in French we have the word ROGATIONS ( always plural) which belongs to the catholic liturgy. They are the 3 days processions preceeding the Ascention ( or is it Ascent) of Christ. The same word exists in Spanish ( rogacion) Italian ( rogazione) THE ORIGIN IS, of course, LATIN, from SANSCRIT " RIJ" which means to ask, to extend towards. To translate the idea of ROG, ROGAR, French uses PRIER ( UNE PRIERE) and Italian uses PREGARE ( una preghiera) French JE TE PRIE, Italian TI PREGO o PREGO.


    Not from Sanskrit but Proto-Indo-European!

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      My good old fav phrase


      I'm a child of God though.


      So it's incorrect if I don't bother to add an exclamation mark?!

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