"A majmok felmásznak a fákra."

Translation:The monkeys are climbing up the trees.

November 16, 2016

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I think also, "The monkeys climb up on the trees" should be accepted. And the same sentence again with on replaced by onto should also work. Any thoughts by those more well-versed in Hungarian than me?


Agreed. Also 'in' and/or 'into' to make it a bit more natural-sounding. And the suggested translation of "The monkeys climb up to the trees" is just... off.


"onto" could work if they go on top of the trees (maybe the top of the canopy of a forest), right? or is my English getting Hunglishified by this course?


"Onto" should be accepted as well, at least as a literal translation. I'm not exactly sure about the English details here, I'm not a native.


Coming back to this a couple days later, my intuition (native English speaker) is:

climb in the tree: start aboveground, finish aboveground
climb (up) the tree: start at ground level, finish at the top of the tree

"On" and "onto" both aren't words I'd see used often with "tree," but I've gotten in this habit of translating the Hungarian sentences word-for-word, especially in the prefixes and case-endings units, because it's seemed like the best strategy for having my answer marked correct.

I guess my original comment wasn't well-thought-out, and what I was really wanting was some more consistency: accepting the naive word-for-word translations either (almost) everywhere, or (almost) nowhere


Looking at it with fresh eyes, I agree with you. "Climb in the tree" is unfitting here since it sounds like they already started in the tree. "Into" might work, but just "climb up the tree" is the most natural-sounding. I'm glad they corrected it now. :)


Why do you sometimes translate "up"and sometimes reject it?


Sometimes it's necessary to differentiate, and sometimes the inclusion of "up" doesn't help the English sentence. In most cases throughout this course, however, it's just a missing translation. Please report those instances.


I think "majmok" is the typo of "majomok." Right?


Tristan, no, majmok is the correct spelling. Majom is one of those nouns that drop their last vowel when you apply certain grammar to them.


Ah, I got it. Thank you for your help!

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