Hello everyone! Thank you to all who have helped me with issues in the past. I am looking for a little more help though. Im having a hard time distinguishing between which "Drink" I should use. Currently my vocabulary includes: -п'ю -п'єте -пити -п'є Can anyone break down the differences between these for me please, and add any im missing. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

November 16, 2016


It's like "drink" and "drinks", but kinda more complicated:

пити is infinitive, so "to drink"

(я) п'ю - I drink

(ти) п'єш - you (singular, so one person) drink

(він/вона/воно) п'є - he/she/it drinks

(ми) п'ємо - we drink

(ви) п'єте - you (plural, so more than one person) drink

(вони) п'ють - they drink

This is Present Tense, there are some more conjugations, but I guess it's enough for now :)
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You've met the same in Italian: io bevo - tu bevi - lui/lei beve - noi beviamo - voi bevete - loro bevono

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