Hello everyone! Thank you to all who have helped me with issues in the past. I am looking for a little more help though. Im having a hard time distinguishing between which "Drink" I should use. Currently my vocabulary includes: -п'ю -п'єте -пити -п'є Can anyone break down the differences between these for me please, and add any im missing. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

2 years ago


It's like "drink" and "drinks", but kinda more complicated:

пити is infinitive, so "to drink"

(я) п'ю - I drink

(ти) п'єш - you (singular, so one person) drink

(він/вона/воно) п'є - he/she/it drinks

(ми) п'ємо - we drink

(ви) п'єте - you (plural, so more than one person) drink

(вони) п'ють - they drink

This is Present Tense, there are some more conjugations, but I guess it's enough for now :)

2 years ago
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You've met the same in Italian: io bevo - tu bevi - lui/lei beve - noi beviamo - voi bevete - loro bevono

2 years ago
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