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Numbers/ Genders

So I just started getting into the numbers section on my account and already im a little confused. Its starts off with the number "one", but its not that simple, theres одне, одна, and один. As far as I can tell each one is representative of its corresponding gender. Is this correct? If so, which gender is associated with which "one"? Also, is there an easy rule to fallow when deciding which gender to use, and I ask that as I have no idea if an apple is male or female. (Just an example) Any help is always appreciated. Thanks

November 16, 2016



If you read the Tips and Notes with the Numbers 1 section, it explains how один is masculine, одна is feminine and одне is neuter.

The Tips and Notes for Letters 2 explains about genders: Masculine nouns end in a consonant Feminine ones end -а and -я Neuter one end -о and -е (which is much easier than many other languages!)

Always well worth looking at the Tips and Notes (although I must confess I often forget until after I've started the lesson)

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I'd add a warning to the Kags' explanation: the word 'mostly' is missing. As in any other living language, there are exceptions. And the specific case of the 'soft sign' -ь in the end : it can belong to any gender.

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