November 16, 2016

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Similarly in Poland, a word 'mandarynka', which is equivalent to romanian 'mandarină', is used to describe all mandarine-like fruits - mandarines, tangerines or clementines. Oranges have its own name, though.


Yeah, this one is slightly inaccurate. Mandarins and Tangerines are separate fruits.


Getaraketa's comment suggests that mandarin orange is correct but another solution would be tangerine or clementine with an explanation that commonly these fruits are not distinguished but there are more correct words for them.


Yes, separate fruits, but the Romanian word for both is "mandarină". And, "orange" is "portocaliu".


How are they different fruit? Isn't a tangerine just the American word for mandarin?


Like Spanish mandarina.


It could also be this:

  • dialect al limbii chineze vorbit în partea de nord a Chinei.

obviously not here in a food section, but I found it exciting to see a definition and understand every single word from what we learned so far :D


"mandarine" was deemed a typo, however, both "mandarine", "mandarin", "mandarin orange", "tangerine" should be accepted and maybe even "clementine" and "ponkan" as there are many hybrids and the separation of these species is very ambiguous in many languages and countries. Any of these words can define pretty much all the citrus fruits you can peel without needing a knife.

Read this Wiki Article for more info on that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citrus_taxonomy


Do you use this word for mandarin oranges too, or just tangerines?


According to Wiktionary, apparently they use mandarină for mandarin (too). Though I looked up tangerine as well and it listed tangerină so now I'm confused.


I actually had to google for tangerine :). As a romanian, I can tell you that we usually say mandarină(e) even though they are mandarin oranges, tangerine(s) - tangerină(e) or clementine(s) - clementină(e).


I love how an entire culture said, "Ah, whatever. It's all fruit."

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