"Az iskola magas fala zöld, a kórház fala pedig fehér."

Translation:The school's high wall is green, whereas the hospital's wall is white.

November 16, 2016

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This lesson is in serious need of adding alternate correct solutions. It is unusable in its current state (I'm 19 questions in and have zero bar).


Can it also be walls, plural? I thought you can use singular in these cases as well, when you're describing something like a colour?


Az iskola(nak a) magas fala zöld, a kórháznak (a fala) pedig fehér.

Can I omit the second "fala" if I include the longform possessor? Similar to the English solution. Does iz thrn need teice the long form, or is it sufficient in the second half?

The school's high wall is green, whereas the hospital's (wall) is white.

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