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"Hányadik megállóba érkezik a busz?"

Translation:At which stop does the bus arrive?

November 16, 2016



Would Melyik work here too? Hanyadik is more Which number? A kind of How many-eth?


I came here to ask that very question myself. P. S. I have to leave a comment when voting you up from the app.


Ooh you voted me up? Thanks! Yeah, nuances are my thing...


1) "Which stop does the bus arrive at" should be considered correct. 2) Since the bus is arriving at something, shouldn't it be "-hoz"?


2) If Hungarian were a mirror image of English, that logic would be valid. But Hungarian buses arrive "a megállóba".


Which stop does the bus arrive at is still not accepted.


This sentence implies a number of stops in close proximity, whether on street or at some kind of bus terminal (or coach - for Brits). Is there a specific Hungarian term for what we might call a bus station "bay" or "stand", or the Scots would term a "stance"?

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