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  5. "I am not a reporter."

"I am not a reporter."

Translation:Tôi không phải là một phóng viên.

November 16, 2016



Why is "một' enforced here--I always seem to get zapped by this--while if you say "I am French" or "I am a strong person" the một usually gets dropped??

Can't you also assume the "một" is optional here, for the same reasoning (because you can't be two or three reporters, you can only be one?)


How is this different from 'nhà báo'? Is nhà báo from newspaper and 'phóng viên' from a tv channel or something?


A journalist and reporter are not the same. A reporter falls under the category of journalists but they often write news and not opinion/editorial pieces.


is it meant that nha bao / phong vien = journalist and reporter = phong vien ?

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