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"animal de companie"


November 16, 2016



Thought this was French for a moment...


I'm a native french speaker and for a few seconds i thought duolingo had switched to another course on its own, even the audio sounds surprisingly similar to french !


bien sur cher ami. Le roumain est plein de mots français. c'est pour ca que c'est facile pour nous. vous étés d'ou ?


Nu pot! Poftim. Ajunge! Serios? La dracu! Noroc! Laissez les bon temps rouler!


hahaha ! It is, my friend ":animal de compagnie"


Would 'pet dog' be câine de companie, 'pet bird' be pasăre de companie, etc.?


Depending on the context... yes.


In English there is also a term (invented by the Americans I believe) of "companion animal" and I think this also should be acceptable. I must admit that speaking Romanian up to the age of 13, I had never heard the term animal de companie. One either said they had a dog or a cat etc or perhaps used the diminutive. For instance people who had a dog as a pet might say: Am un catel even though the dog may have been quite ancient and not a pup


I tried companion animal and was rejected. Unfortunately the mobile site does not have a report sentence button. Does anyone know how to translate companion animal if this is not it?


My understanding of companion animal --- as a US native --- is that it refers to an animal which is kept primarily to perform some service, and only secondarily as a pet. For example, so-called "seeing eye" dogs aid the blind, increasing their ability to maintain their lifestyle. For example, someone who doesn't like pets might want a companion animal to increase his/her mobility.


That's good to know. Such usage of puppy is also common in the US, but only for some dog owners.


Should this be pronounced compánie or companíe?


According to https://dexonline.ro/definitie/companie it should be the latter.


That is so long and in English is so short the first time I heard it I thought it was a sentence.


My Romanian friend just said no one says that, and the right word is animăluţ. Is she right?


Animlăluț is a "slag" per se... meaning "little animal" - similar to the English words ending in "-ling" such as "foxling" meaning little fox.

Again, this is slang...


hint careful with the use of "ţ" (that is called T with Cedilla - and it's not the right one when it comes to Romanian)... try using the "Ț" (it looks similar but it's different as one has an attached comma, while the other has a regular comma under it).


I don't get it, what is the difference? pronunciation? used in another language?


I'll draw a comparison to my native language Swedish: We have the special letters "å", "ä" and "ö". Nobody uses the Danish/Norwegian "æ" and "ø" instead of "ä" and "ö" even if they represent the same sounds. For more background: The story of how Unicode messed up the writing of Romanian special letters


The bad thing is, even that legacy Romanian layout I use contains that ţ, so... I'd rather be fine with it than try hard to find the other one :\


I live in Romania and everyone says this.


The correct pronunciation for "companie" is "companíe", with stress on ”i” not "compànie", with stress on ”a”.

The word "compànie" with stress on ”a” has this definition: ”a military subunit larger than the pluton and smaller than the battalion.”


Well, it sounded more like companiă to me... not a clear e for sure

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