"Voi sunteți bărbați și voi aveți copii."

Translation:You are men and you have children.

November 16, 2016

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So 'Tu' is you singular, and 'voi' is you plural?


Can "Voi" be used as a formal "you" as well as the plural, like in French? Or does Romanian not have formal/informal? (I'm new here)


The formal "you" is "dumneavoastră" and it is always used when talking to someone you do not know well, older people, or people in positions of authority.

There is another polite pronoun for the second person singular: "dumneata" which is somewhere between "tu" and "dumneavoastră"


tu = you (singular; informal)

voi = you all (or y'all)

dumneata = you (singular, semi-formal --> it requires the singular form of the verb: dumneata eşti)

dumneavoastră = you (both singular and plural, formal --> highest level of politeness --> it requires the plural form of the verb: "dumneavoastră sunteţi" which can mean both "you (singular) are" and "you all are").

There are also polite pronouns for he, she, they:

he = dumnealui or dumneasa

she = dumneaei or dumneasa

they = dumnealor


yes, romanian has formal and informal, but formal is rarely used, like maybe when you talk to an older person. for 'voi' you can use 'dumneavoastră'.


I wouldn't say rarely use because I still hear people using the word dumneavoastra when I'm in the country especially older people!


Shouldn't the translation (in English) be something like: "You are a man and you have children"?


No, "voi" is plural, like "You all," or as I like to say: "Y'all."


Almost like Ustedes in Spanish?


Yes, actually it is more related to 'vosotros' (from the "vos" root).


It's interesting to see how close the five main Romance languages are, especially with pronouns:

Romanian: voi
Italian: voi
French: vous
Spanish: vosotros / ustedes
Portuguese: vós / vocês


Thank you! I misread the plural. To me, it didn't make sense in the singular.


Raises hand. Ooo. Ooo. Southern boy here! Voi definitely = y'all.


That's what I responded and it was wrong :/


Any way to slow down the audio or does that come out after beta?

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    Isn't that what the little turtle next to the replay audio does?


    Yes the turtle helps, but thats not normal speach. The regular speed on the app is not normal as well. It souns as fast as a rapper.


    Can you omit the subject pronouns and just say "Sunteți bărbaţi şi aveți copii"?


    Yes, you can omit the pronoun because the verb already tells us the person of the subject


    I thought Sunt is also for plural. so every time in plural is must be sunteți ?


    Sunt is only for plural 3rd person they (and first person singular I of course), whereas sunteți is for 2nd person plural you.


    Is there a formal version of "tu" in Romanian? Like "usted" in Spanish, "vous" in French, or "você" in Portuguese?


    Hey, yes it is: dumneavoastră from wiki because I'm too lazy: Dumneavoastră (abbreviated as dv., dvs., or d-voastră) is used in polite or formal speech in place of the plain pronouns tu and voi. Dumneavoastră always takes verbs in the second person plural forms, that is, the same forms as voi. For example, dumneavoastră sunteți and voi sunteți both mean "you are," but the former is polite and can take singular and plural meanings, whereas the second is informal and only used in the plural. Dumneavoastră has the same form in the genitive and dative cases as in the nominative and accusative.

    Dumneavoastră is also the plural of dumneata, a semi-polite pronoun that has almost fallen in disuse.


    Ok im overloaded, now


    I realize the voice is bad, just curious if words like sunteți should sound like soon-tet-zi or soon-tet-she or something else altogether?


    More like a soon-te-tz(i) very short i


    It sounds like soon-tet-zi but the "zi" at the end is fast and almost silent


    This sentence moved into double time, why?


    Voi = Ustedes Sunteți = Son Aveți = Tienen

    Cool, got it. Lucky me to be born Latino. :)


    I regret canceling the 'no listening right now', pls make it reversible


    You are men and you have kids


    Yay, gay pride... XD


    One of my books is a Teach Yourself Romanian. It spells suntets as sintets. Can anyone tell me why? It really messed me up when I read other books. (Sorry, I have not found onscreen keyboard yet for accents).


    sunt, suntem, sunteți (the current version). This is used now.
    sînt, sîntem, sînteți (the old version) - This type of spelling was used until 1993.
    So, if you have an old book, it is possible to have this kind of spelling.


    "Voi sunteți bărbați și aveți copii" marked wrong because it is missing the redundant voi after și. This was not a listening exercise but a translation exercise. Come on man...

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