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ella baja de caballo: fall or dismount?

since the tooltip help for 'baja' says fall or drop, I assumed 'ella baja de caballo' means 'she drops (or falls) from the horse'. But the site tells me I'm wrong.

So, does 'bajar de caballo' only mean dismounting in an orderly fashion? How would we then say falling from or dropping from a horse? (or was my attempt 'technically correct but not how spaniards would interpret it'?)

June 18, 2012



"To lower", "get off of", "get down from", these are all acceptable translations based on the fact that bajar derives from baja (adjective: "low", "short"--see Baja California - "Lower California").

In Spanish, the word "caer" means "to fall" or "to drop". "Ella se cae del caballo": "She falls off of the horse"; literally: "She falls herself from the horse". The reflexive here is used here to dignify that she is falling from and not dropping the horse.


Hi Westermo, the site tells you're wrong because you wrote: Ella baja de caballo, when the right way of writting is: Ella baja "del" caballo. There is not only a prepositon (de) but it is also an article (el) both are in a contraction (de + el) "del" (and yes, the sentence is about dismounting from a horse). If you want to say: She falls from the horse, you need to say: Ella se callò del caballo.

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