"He writes a letter, I read the newspaper."

Translation:El scrie o scrisoare, eu citesc ziarul.

November 16, 2016

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"I read the newspaper" could be interpreted in past tense as well. Maybe a more accurate version: "I am reading the newspaper"


Except that past tense will not be taught until much further down the tree. Right now, everything is strictly present tense.


Why some words we use l in the final and some we dont. Ex: o scrisoare


as I've read, definite articles go to the end of the word - "the boy - băiat-ul" but indefinite ones go as prefix - a letter - o scrisoare


The indefinite article is a separate word, not a prefix, but yes, the definite article is reflected at the end of the word. Sometimes it looks like a suffix, sometimes it alters the word.

(a) man = (un) barbat
the man = barbatul

(a) woman = (o) femeie
the woman = femeia

water = apă
the water = apa


That's what I wrote, but your program won't accept it.


This is correct spelling though I'm told I have a typo?

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