"Un costum are pantaloni, o cămașă, o cravată și o curea."

Translation:A suit has pants, a shirt, a tie, and a belt.

November 16, 2016

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Shouldn't trousers be correct?


It is now accepting trousers, and giving pants as an alternative.


A suit has a jacket and trousers, sometimes a waistcoat. It does not "have" a shirt, a tie or a belt. An outfit has those, a costume might have those, but a suit does not. What does costum actually mean??? This is confusing or misleading.


Pop60 - Definition is a relative matter. I am sure "un costum" includes "an outfit". What is a waistcoat anyway?


UK English "waistcoat" = North American English "vest".


Gareth Southgate has re popularised the waistcoat - its the third piece of a 3 piece suit and a favourite of snooker players. It may match a suit or complement it. A vest is an item of underwear worn on the chest under the shirt and can be long or short sleeved or sleeveless. Perhaps the minimal form is the string vest which is mostly comprised of holes and usually sleeveless. I am English and British.


Așa am scris!


Un costum are un pantalon,o cămașă,o cravată și o curea!


You should accept 'trousers', it's more appropriate than 'pants' in the case of a suit. In the UK pants only refers to underwear. Lol, I learned this hard way when I kept complimenting someone on her pants she kept checking to see if her knickers showing! Anyway, ridiculous, accept 'trousers'


Only one of those items is part of a suit...


a suit has got pants, one shirt, one shirt, one tie, and one belt Why is the got there if it already has "has"?


yes, I wanted to ask the same thing. I did not write GOT and DUO said : WRONG ! but I'm not a native english speaker


DL translator pronounces "pants" as "pantalon" (instead of "pantaloni").


Not a native speaker, but the plural -i ending is so short and unemphatic as to seem almost silent in most words.


A suit has a paints,a shirt,a tie and a belt!


I think a suit more importantly includes a jacket and sometimes a waistcoat. To buy a suit one expects a two or three piece. The belt, shirt and tie are accessories only.

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