"The apple is over the book."

Translation:Mărul este deasupra cărții.

November 16, 2016

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I thought that the book was cartea-- is there a difference between cartea and cartii?


singular = carte

singular + article = cartea

plural = cărți

plural + article = cărțile

singular in dativ/genitiv = cărții -- meaning 'of/to the book'.

example: pagina cărții (the page of the book).

plural in dativ/genitiv = cărților -- of/to the books

example: paginile cărților (the pages of the books).

ALL very confusing and takes me centuries to learn.


If you learned all this by yourself, or even if you learned with a teacher and you don't have anyone Romanian in your family or speaks Romanian without being native, I honestly congratulate you! You got it all very well, I'm impressed!


Absolutely! "Cartii" means the book'S, "cartea" means just THE book. Also, "carte" means book. There are very subtle differences between words but they are very important.The option "Marul este peste carte" should also be accepted since "peste" is a synonime for "deasupra". I see that in this course it is not yet accepted but you can 100% use this version, native speaker here ^^ Goodluck! :)


Somewhere else a comment meeting that deasupra is followed by the genitive/dat form of the noun, which is why cărții is used here.


The explanations of the genitive are fantastic. However, the sentence "the apple is over the book" is still very strange. Is the apple jumping over the book in some kind of steeplechase? Or have the apple and the book been in a romantic relationship, broken up and now the apple has managed to recover? As a native English speaker, this translation is mystifying!


This is a very strange sentence but I am very pleased that Tiffany gave such a good breakdown of the grammar examples. Thank you.


Poate fi acceptata si solutia "Marul este peste carte". Se intelege acelasi lucru.


Why not "pe carte"?


The book is singular as is the apple so why is the plural cart being used?


And I used to think English was complicated.

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