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FREE Romanian Resources

Updated with sections and more links

Last update - 26/03/2017

Bună everybody!

First thing's first. I want to say a huuuuge mersi to Team Romanian for their dedication to helping people learn one of the world's most unique and beautiful languages! And also for choosing the world's sexiest TTS ;)

Here is a list of FREE Romanian resources for you to try! Comment more if you think they should be added!

Information on The Romanian Language

Romanian Language Courses






In other languages


This is quite a large file and many take a while to load/download. Personally, I find it easier to download to read offline.

November 16, 2016



I know! Romanian is such a beautiful language. Bookmarked. Thank you so much!


I HUGELY recommend Learn Romanian with Nico's channel. She was my kick start when I was an absolute beginner. :)


I find it difficult to learn from youtube, you cannot do exercises you need to scroll back and forth...


I know, her videos are the best :D


I've watched a few of her videos a year ago.


I like it as well


This is a great resource.


There is also a website with 68 free lessons that I created in 2015. I hope you will find it useful :) http://simpleromanian.com


Hi everyone, I just started a Youtube channel with all things Romanian. Nothing too formal though. First video is up here if you want to take a look https://youtu.be/0QjyHNMQPjs


Thanks for all of this.


I find www.learnro.com quite good. It's the only site with Phonetical transcription and I can't imagine learning a language without it. I understand that it seems cumbersome for many, but in my experience learning a language and trying to reproduce it only by hearing it by the melody of that language will not take you very far. After many years of practicing a language, I realised that I was saying it wrong. With the phonetical transcription you do not run this risk. There is a dedicated pronunciation section (www.learnro.com/romanian-pronunciation), that I can't find here on duolingo either.

I find the content quite good on www.learnro.com if only they could make it more user friendly.


Does anyone have a good youtube playlist of cartoons or series in Romanian with English subtitles?


No, but I did an internet search for you maybe this will help :)


Mersi! Will check it when I'm at home


You can also search for the Romanian version of Disney songs, as they often come with the English subtitles for comparison (English direct translation of the Romanian version, that is, not the English lyrics). Some of the videos I've found from this even comes with subtitles in both languages :)


"...choosing the world's sexiest TTS ,"



http://afostodata.net/ --> Short stories with text + audio

I was looking for audio books + books before to listen to the book and read along to get to know the sound of the language better and train my listening comprehension.

That was nearly impossible, as all the audio books I found have different texts than the books.

This website helps me a lot, so I thought to share it.


Thank you very much , that website definitely helps a LOT !


Unfortunately, a lot of links are dead now...


this is very useful! I'll definetly use some of these in the furture!


Hello friends! I've created an Udemy language course focusing on conversational, real life Romanian. Here's the link, if anyone is interested, with an intro sale code https://www.udemy.com/course/real-life-romanian-for-beginners/?couponCode=INTROSALE21


I've bookmarked the list. Thanks a lot.

[deactivated user]

    Thank you for sharing! x


    Mondly has a nice Ro course as well. Part of it is paid though.


    But that would go against what I began this post for ;)


    I tried Mondly and the course itself is nice but I don't like the fact that I have to pay for it. Duolingo is similar to Mondly and I am really happy that I found that. Here you have the community as well and even more topics to learn.


    Thanks for the tips!


    Thank you so much for leaving this here!!!


    another one: http://hallo.ro/search.do?l=ro&d=en&query= also you can get it french-roumanian, spanish- roumanian, german-roumanian, and italian-roumanian


    Muchas gracias por eso :)


    Don't forget to subscribe to support the channel so we get more videos


    Gracias, se agradece todo tipo de ayuda


    Thank you so much for sharing! I am moving to Romania in August and this will help me tremendously !


    Is the Duolingo Memrise still being worked on? It's incomplete but would be a great asset in combination with the duolingo course. Repetition is key in learning words too. Also, does anyone know how to access the complete vocabulary list for this course?


    yes I think you won't need it anymore but here it is: https://duome.eu/vocabulary/en/ro btw on duome.eu there are all grammar tips and vocab from many languages check it out!


    Wonderful list of resources! Very helpful, thank you so much!


    i just start learning romanian cause i m going to visit bucharest on december! i love it!!


    Thank you very much for the resources! Actually, those YouTube channels are GOLD


    Can anyone recommend any Romanian songs? Something popular, maybe folk. I just don't know where to start looking for it.


    Smiley, Delia, Holograf(goup), Akcent(group), Andra, Elena Gheorghe... They are so many! Check Romanian singers. Good luck! Folk music is hard to translate. Begin with the modern one. :)


    Thank you these useful link! Regards!


    Mersi! I really appreciate this and will definitely be using it!


    Thank you so much! I was looking for a really in-depth guide to the grammar (as my god, sometimes those endings make my brain hurt!). This is brilliant and I will be downloading the FSI course to peruse it offline now :)


    Thanks for the tips. This is bookmarked in my Romanian file now! :D


    omg you have a file?

    [deactivated user]


      Romanian Lessons (http://www.romanianlessons.com/), mentioned above, no longer seems to be online as of late August 2020.


      Hi friends, I just started a channel with fun videos that will teach you different aspects of the Romanian language in just a few minutes - please take a look here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfcRlfC0WqF01XW1b9taVkw Thank you and keep up the good work!


      Some interesting online magazines

      Educational magazine aimed at advanced schoolchildren (pre-university level): https://stiripentrucopii.com/

      Popular science for adults: https://stiintasitehnica.com/


      I don't know if you do the Memrise course but in the first few lessons, there are a couple of errors like the word for man is shown as bărbat, but said as bărbatul, which would be super confusing to beginners


      I don't know if (1) you are aware of the following problem and (2) if you are whether you have a solution. Under the heading 'Grammar' a resource is called 'An in-depth guide to Romanian grammar' and it links to http://www.seelrc.org:8080/grammar/pdf/stand_alone_romanian.pdf. However, I'm unable to access it because it starts to load in my browser then comes up saying, 'The connection has times out'. I have tried quite a few times without success: I keep getting hitting the same problem.


      Learn Romanian With Nico- Youtube Lessons is really really good. I believe everyone that is learning Romanian should give her a try.


      She was the first one I looked at too when I first started.


      Has anyone had any experience with RomanianPod101 (found it on Romanian101)? I'm hopeful to find some listening practice in short, quick bites at a time.


      Did you finished all of your French lessons on Duolingo? If so, how is your fluency?


      My fluency is, I think, pretty good. I put myself to the test after practicing in the translation section until I reached 25, and I found that I could handle about an hour conversation without using another language and read simple things. I found Duolingo, combined with a workbook, got me ready for some immersion. I'd recommend finishing the tree, doing translations on the site and add in some Memrise courses for more vocabulary.

      I do owe a lot of my French skills to my Italian, though. I've studied that twice as long as French and am much more confident with it. So that really gave me an advantage with French. That said, I feel I'm at a point that with some intentional study, I could be ready for the DELF French proficiency B2 exam this summer.

      How's it coming along for you?


      I am diving in this **** as if my life depends on it. I used memrise in the past. I read online newspapers and pick out most used words than study those along with the lessons from Duolingo. I watch gaming channels as well as online radio on YouTube (La Europa FM cu Andreea Esca...). Plus, I listen to Romanian music ( the ones I like of course) and use their lyrics to sing along. :) I hope to be fluent in about a year.


      Yeah, you got this! I'd recommend Meetup.com, too. Found a great conversation group nearby me that really helped me grow.

      Good luck!


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      I was born in Romania!

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