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"Ochelarii tăi sunt în poșeta mea."

Translation:Your glasses are in my purse.

November 16, 2016



OK, this always confuses me about English. Is poseta a bag that women carry on their shoulder or a little bag for money?


"Poșeta" is a bag that women carry on their shoulder.


I would say that an American purse is the same as an English handbag. An English purse is for money and bankcards only, certainly not for spectacles.


as potestasity said, "poșeta" is a bag or handbag used by women, usually carried on their shoulder, regardless of the size. It is usually so big that a lot of things can fit inside, including glasses, wallet, lipsticks, credit cards, mobile phone, all together.

Here is an explanation: http://dayoopers.com/dtatm.html


to add to the confusion, it looks as though poseta comes from French pochette - which can mean variously, envelope, handbag, wallet, purse, handkerchief


ochelarri means eyeglasses


should accept spectacles

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