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"Die Lehrerin sitzt den Kindern gegenüber."

Translation:The teacher is sitting across from the children.

November 16, 2016



Is it not possible to say "Die Lehrerin sitzt gegenüber den Kindern"?

'Gegenüber' is just a preposition here, so why does it not go before the object to which it applies?


I think you could say that, but in my experience, gegenüber is very rare as a preposition.

It's more common as an adverb (sie wohnen gegenüber), as a compound preposition gegenüber von (sie wohnen gegenüber vom Rathaus), or as a postposition (mir gegenüber).


Thanks very much for the explanation.

When thinking in German, I'm inevitably influenced by Dutch, where the literally equivalent preposition is tegenover and it's used only as such (e.g. Ze wonen tegenover het Stadhuis and De lerares zit tegenover de kinderen).

This is one of those areas where German subtly differs. Given that German has a huge amount in common with Dutch, I find it easiest to learn by mostly thinking about it as a set of differences.


can someone explain the word order that still gets me with german because I tend to want to keep the English word order.


I had to think about this for a moment - how would you say 'The teacher sits the children opposite', as in she makes them sit down opposite her? It's a subtle difference, but I wonder how German accommodates it.


You'd use the transitive verb setzen (to seat; to cause to sit) or hinsetzen rather than the intransitive verb sitzen (to sit) -- Die Lehrerin setzt die Kinder gegenüber (von sich selbst) hin "The teacher seats the children opposite (herself)".


Ah... I see. Thanks.


The teacher sits across form the kids ? It should accepted ?


It would have been accepted if you had spelled "from" correctly.

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