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"Bună ziua, el este Mihai și ea este Ioana."

Translation:Good afternoon, he is Michael and she is Jane.

November 16, 2016



Names shouldn't be translated to another language. Ioana is Ioana, not Jane. If I'd use this I'd make a complete fool of myself to my mother-in-law. She's named Ioana.


I agree. I know someone who named their daughter Ioana but she goes by Joanna not Jane at school. So it's the wrong translation too.


Agreed. She is Iona, not Jane.... This seems to be an unfortunate trend in Duolingo's Romanian course.


So why Joan is wrong and Jane is right? It looks like splitting hairs here, especially when we are learning Romanian and not English.


Same thing happened to me. Should translate as Joanna.


Same here. And I would always prefer names to remain native, unless we are learning native phonetic pronunciation names foreign to the language being studied.


I just tried Joana and it was corrected as Ioana, but not marked wrong.


1) It keeps telling me that Buna ziua means good afternoon, which I'm pretty sure it's an error 2) Do we have to translate the names too ?? (I don't know if I got wrong only because of the buna ziua thing or also because of the names)


Good afternoon is put as a best translation. But Good day is a secondary and correct answer as well. ;-) Possible translations for Mihai - Michael/Mike and for Ioana - Joan/Joanna/Jane.


My mother is called ioana and since we live in germany her name is still ioana. I dont understand why there is a need to translate it in this app


I wrote Joanna and it was marked as a mistake


It corrects Joana back to Ioana -- March 2017. I haven't tried Joanna (2 n's) yet.


I tried Joanna and it was marked as wrong


Hope you reported it as it's a correct translation.


you probably got it wrong because you didnt translate the names, although through all my experience with romanian all names are the same in english and romanian


You don't have to translate the names. "Bună ziua" does mean "good afternoon" and if you got it wrong, I'm assuming that Duolingo wants it to mean "good afternoon" and not anything else. However, it can also mean "good day"


Well, it's really weird, because ziua literally means day in romanian. Buna dupamasa would be the exact translation for good afternoon


isn't it "the day" ?


"Bună ziua" is not explicit used after noon! I can also be used in the later (mid)morning. I think "Good day" is the exact translation, but uncommon (not used in English). This would equal the German "Guten Tag", which is used after the explicit Morning.


Yes. You do have to translate the names. I got michael wrong because i couldnt remember how to spell it in romanian


There's still a small difference between HAVE TO and CAN... But you're learning România - therefore you should also learn their names!


Bună ziua is a general greeting, meaning it can be used throughout the day and meanings are good day, good morning, good afternoon, hello, etc As for names, the general translating rule is that names need no translation. It's an error of the romanian course


you shouldnt translate names, it's ridiculous.


But where's Tarzan?


Why changing the names ?!


Why would you translate names?


Buna ziua means good day


Names should not be translated :)


seriously? I got it wrong because I didn't translate the names!!>???


Jane is not Ioana. Ioana is translated more like Joanna or Jo but Jane is not correct.


Names shouldn't be translated


We all agree :)


Hi iiai. Don't know if you can help but the report button contains different options - I guess for different questions. Quite often the problem is on a missing button - by which I mean an option that is there sometimes, but doesn't appear for the particular question. If there's a good reason it would be great to understand, if not it would be good to see this changed.


This is a good question, I also asked it, but I have still no answer... I suppose that every new sentence added has a lifecycle before its full acceptance (and the set of reports options is changing during this process), or, even more likely, the set of options depends on the version of the incubator at the time of creating the sentence... I will ask again, and I hope for a clarification... I suggest you to send bug reports here whenever you can't find an appropriate option in the existing set provided by the Report button.



Once again really appreciate your response and suggestions. Many thanks indeed.


It's keep telling me it's wrong


De cand Ioana e Jane ?=))


Besides the unsolicited translation of names. Why aren't contractions accepted?


All contractions are accepted. It's more likely you had a typo... But if you discover sentences that don't accept them, please press the reporting flag in order to be added.


I'd like to know how my first name (being of Greek origin) is translated and pronounced in Romanian. :)


How would my name be pronounced? Is it like "Yector"? I hope so.


Yeah, I put Hello and Joanna and it marked me wrong - not sure which was the reason.


this makes no sense it clearly says good day as an answer but when i type it as a translation it says incorrect umm..... wat fix your stuff doulingo


Mickeal is not accepted ...


Hey, Duolingo, do you read us?


LidiaLita, no, the forum is only for users, to help each other, and it is moderated by volunteers. If you need to report something please use Report button. You can consult Troubleshooting forum if you encounter technical problems (also kept by users) or you can send a bug report if you discover (and can prove it with screenshots) a bug.


Why is it translating names? It doesn't matter what language a person is speaking. If their name is Mihai or Ioana, it doesn't change.


I don't see the point why names have only one option to be translated as, so that I get a mistake for translating Ioana as Johanna.


If you are translating the Bible then it's ok to translate the names. otherwise they should be left as they are.


Names should definitely not be translated. That has nothing to do with the learning progress.


Agreed that names shouldn't be translated. If they are, it should be done correctly. I translated Ioana to Joanna and was marked wrong. Infact in English all the female forms of John come from Johanna, all the different variations are Jane, Jean, Joan etc. so they are all correct. .....


If Ioana is Jane, then Tim can be Schwazzenegger


Mäi hahalerelor Ioana e Ioana. si Mihai e Mihai !!!!!!!!!


Why traslate names?


Any specific reason as to why they are changing the names entirely in translation?


how are we supposed to suspect that Loana is Jane?! ITS NOT EVEN CAPITALIZED


Its an I not an L so is capitalized


I put the right answer and is said it was wron!!!!


My answer was wrong ever if it was wright!

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