"Ea are miere."

Translation:She has honey.

November 16, 2016



Lucky she is not Dutch. In that case she'd have ants. :)

November 16, 2016

  • 1895

Looks like it's cognate with the French miel.

November 25, 2016


The English here is a strict translation, but not normal usage. We would normally use "some" with a mass noun like honey.

Is it the same in Romanian? Would niste normally be used with mass nouns (ea are niste miere), or is it regular usage to say ea are miere?

December 7, 2016


Ea are niște miere would mean She has some honey. Ea are miere means that we don't know anything about that honey. The same goes with Ea are (niște) apă. Ea are (niște) vin. Ea are (niște) farfurii. Ea are (niște) cireșe.

December 15, 2016


It's okay in both ways, whether you say Ea are miere or Ea are niște miere, has the same meaning. :)

May 20, 2018


Can "miere" be used for endearment like "honey" on someone?

April 5, 2018


No, it sounds strange Ro has a lot of words for emdearment like Dulceață, which literally means "cutie jam/ little jam" Plăcinţică("little pie")

May 20, 2018
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