"The child has apples and he does not have rice."

Translation:Copilul are mere și el nu are orez.

November 16, 2016

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I find it interesting how we weren't at all introduced to what I assume is a contraction equivalent with the n-are form in previous lessons, but are expected to know it as we strengthen skills. Are there rules on this? Is it a contraction?


I'm not good at explaining, but "n-are" is used for a faster easier pronunciation, as it sounds the same as "nu are" spelled fast. This also happenes to other words.


Aici este o greseala oîn loc de ,,nu" este ,,n"


So contraction is done with a hypen, "n-are" not with an apostrophe "n'are" as in many other languages? It would be nice if this were in the notes...


Why is it has and have or spell ARE in this sentence


I cannot choose any of these, and cannot go forward :(

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