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  5. "O verão é uma estação."

"O verão é uma estação."

Translation:The summer is a season.

February 12, 2013



"The summer" sounds extremely odd to my ear. It sounds more natural as just "summer," like it's being used as a proper noun.


I do not understand why 'season' translates into 'estaçao'? Should it not be 'temporada'?


Specificaly for the 4 year seasons, we use "estação", for other seasons, like "duck hunting season", we use "temporada" (de caça aos patos).


So estação is feminine? Are there alot of other words that appear masculine that arent or only a few i know dia is the opposite lol


Well...most "çao" words are feminine. They relate to the English suffix "tion":

  • Ação - Action
  • Estação - Station
  • Eleição - Election

A suffix that creates nouns derived from actions.


i have the same problem

[deactivated user]

    Please, click HERE to see another GOOD discussion about this subject. :)


    estacao means railway station and season also, but ido not know why temporada means season also... but estacao is used for this type of season, as I studied...

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