"Two little birds are standing on the car."

Translation:Az autón két kicsi madár áll.

November 16, 2016

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I wrote this : Két kis madár áll az autón Unfortunately it was wrong. I thought kis and kicsi were the same meaning. What do you think about it ?


It is correct, please report it. But just so you know, "kis" has to be added as an alternative all over the course. So you may find more exercises with a similar problem.


What about kismadár


"ketto kis madar" not accepted :(


'A ket kicsi madar az auton all.' Was marked as incorrect. There are some variations from the above questions. Please advise.


I just want to mention that I really do appreciate the shorter, more managable sentences in this lesson as compared to the previous "Inside of stuff" lesson. If this sentence had been introduced in the previous lesson, then surely these two little birds would have been small, sad, Chinese birds playing the violin between the child safety seat and the steering wheel.

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