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  5. "Tu bei apă și mănânci pâine."

"Tu bei apă și mănânci pâine."

Translation:You drink water and eat bread.

November 16, 2016



Did they change the lesson's speaker recently? The voice sounds different and I find it really hard to understand the new one. Been learning Romanian for a year and a half on this website and it's been a chore recently because of my struggle to decipher what they're saying. Some of the words don't sound like words at all now, it sounds like the audio is garbled or corrupted or something.


You drink water and you eat bread


This is ridiculous. I get it wrong when I dont write "the" water, milk etc... BUT!! When I do write then ITS STILL MARKS IT WRONG!!! I spell boy "bot" by accident, it accepts the answer!?!?!?


It is a little hard to understand the speaker.


Something is wrong with pâine. How does it sound like puuuine? is it wrong?


I swear I hear "prâine"


Is pâine pronounced correctly?


Guys if you dont know something please ask me because i am romania

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