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November 16, 2016



With strengthen, listening, I tried Ω and I was told I wrote in English not in Greek. It accepted Ωμεγα.


I've just had the listening exercise in "strengthen skills" with omega and had the letter ω marked as wrong.(contrary to what "jaye16" says). Whatever the value of these alphabet exercises in the early stages of the course, surely they should not be repeated within the strengthen skills section when the student has already completed the course and is simply trying to reinforce vocabulary.


jaye16 Many thanks for your help and suggested links.


How does one know when to use η and when to use ε?


They sound completely different in modern Greek: η makes the /i/ sound as in "seen", ε makes the /e/ sound more or less as in "hen".

It's harder to know when to use η, ι, υ, οι, ει (which all make the same sound) or ε, αι or ω, ο.

When they're part of the word root, you just have to learn it -- as with English "ee, ea" for example.


η, υ, και ι, on the other hand, sound the same - all are "ee" (with the exceptions of diphthongs).

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