"Centigramul e mai mic decât gramul."

Translation:The centigram is smaller than the gram.

November 16, 2016

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I've never heard of loads of these measurements: centigrams, decimetres, hectometres, etc. - seems like Duo's definitely teaching me my native language as well as a foreign one, hah.


I learned them too while adding some of these sentences :D


I did learn them when I was at school. At that time I thought I would never use them again. Duo Romanian is teaching me I was kinda wrong. xD


I think it would be more giving to learn what measurements like e.g. "inch", "light year" and "knots" translate to than wasting my time learning highly unusable concepts like "hectometer". Just a thought...


For length, you are talking about different measurement systems: US customary/ Imperial vs metric system. The metric system is in use in Romania as well as all other countries in Europe.


I know - but I still think I have more use of knowing what inches or yards or whatever Imperial units translates to than "theoretical" parts of the metric system... In Sweden (where I'm from) some stuff are for example still measured in inches, like some building materials and vinyl records (and, quite obviously, "tumstocken", the inchstick - "tum" is Swedish for "inch"), yet you never encounter "decalitres" in your daily life. I think the same goes for Romania...


All Imperial/US customary measurement units have translations in Romanian (theoretical - these can be looked up in a dictionary, but have no practical use, since these units are not used in Romania)

pound - livră

inch - țol

knot - nod

light year - an lumină -> this is used in astronomy

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Do Romanians use the in between measurements a lot? In Canada we're taught them maybe once, but would really only use milligrams, grams and kilograms (not the stuff in between).


No Canadians learn þe in between stuff ifk what you're on about


My answer is. The centigram is less than the gram. And i think it is correct. Or am i mistaken?


No, "less" is mai puțin.

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Isn't "mai mic" much smaller?


Mic - small; mai mic - smaller; mult mai mic - much smaller

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