"Bărbatul mănâncă pâine."

Translation:The man eats bread.

November 16, 2016



I needed to select "Bărbat" or "Bărbatul" for "___ mănâncă pâine". Why Bărbat doesn't fit?

April 19, 2018


Because "bărbat" means man, and "bărbatul" means the man, so using "bărbat" it would say "man eats bread" when you need it to say "the man eats bread". In other words, you need to use the article. Sorry this isn't very well explained, but hopefully you get the meaning now.

July 26, 2018


The "ă" and also the "â" sound different in each word. Having Spanish as mother tongue, I'd transcript the first "ă" of bărbat as "o" and the same letter in mănâncă as a "lazy closed e". The "â" in mănâncă is almost "i" and "u" in pâine

March 7, 2018


Not really. Ă sounds like the e in fathEr, or like in nÃo in Portuguese. And  sounds like a Polish Y or a Russian ы. Try it on Google Translate. Also Ș= Sh, and Ț = Ts, these ones are quite easy.

November 19, 2018


Thanks for that ^^

July 11, 2018


I know Romanian and I don't know English

November 4, 2018


It sounds like the first two 'a' in the word "eats" are alike and the last one is different, but it is not such a way. Why?

May 30, 2017


The first and last "a" should have an "uh" sound like the beginning of the word "umbrella."

The middle "a" should sound like the letter "i" in the word "in."

June 5, 2017


Why is it now "ă" for plural instead of "i" like before? What's the difference, and when do I use which?

August 29, 2018


Im not sure because Ive just started learning but from my understanding so far:

Mănâncă = eats Mănânci = you eat/are eating Mănânc = I eat/am eating

Hopefully someone will explain better than me :)

September 28, 2018


I think you would use Mănâncă = They as well as the plural.


September 28, 2018


Why sometimes for "el mananca paine", I have to add "the bread" and sometimes just "bread"?? I am italian, not romanian, not england..

January 21, 2019


Pâine - bread, pâineA - the bread

February 28, 2019


Here ia saying "cină", not pâine. Something wrong.

July 5, 2019


Im trying to learn romanian so I understand when my mum and dad are speaking it and I have no idea xd

July 24, 2019
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