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  5. "Ea e femeie, eu nu sunt."

"Ea e femeie, eu nu sunt."

Translation:She is a woman, I am not.

November 16, 2016



Why is it e and not este here?


I'm definitely not a native, but a quick search seems to reveal that they're interchangeable, with the slight distinction that este is a little more formal, whereas e is used more in everyday speech.

Is that correct, native speakers?


This is correct, just that there is no formality este is the long form and e is the short form :-) (Like - Yes, Yeah, and Aye - in a way)


Oh! I thought it's kind of like "ser" vs "estar" in Spanish. Is there anything like that in Romanian too?


Nope, they are the same. Spanish, unlike English and Romanian, has different verbs for "ser" and "estar", and I know for a fact that many romanians that have lived in Spain for years still use the wrong one sometimes.

Apart from that, I wish that was my only problem when speaking Romanian ;)


No, I'm a spaniard who lives in Spain ;), but my wife is romanian and I've been trying to learn the language for a long time.


Are you one of the Romanians who lives in Spain?


Yayy! Thanks for this course, Sebastian


Yes because i am romanian


How come no 'o' in this sentence?


Romanian is probably a null-subject language (a specific type of pro-drop language), like many eastern European languages.

EDIT: Okay, on re-reading the question, what I said actually isn't an answer.


Yes, it is not needed in all circumstances, but needed in some - I'll check up with the grammar department of our team for a better answer :-)


(Sebastian Thanks so much for this course! :) )


"Ea e femeie" it emphasize the fact that she is (a truly) woman. If I would say "Ea e o femeie" she would be a woman like any other. The sentence in this case seems to be in opposition with the fact that "I am not (a woman)". Anyway, it will work also with "Ea e o femeie", but the meaning of the fact that I am not it will not be so strong. Just a matter of feeling.


It does seem to be quite random when o/un is used and when it isn't, in this course. When you're doing the 'Type what you hear' exercises it can be difficult to tell if o/un has been used or not, even on the slowed down voice.


My Romanian girlfriend explained it that this sentence is generic. If it was directed she would include the o, the same goes for you are man as "Tu eşti bărbat" So this reads as "She is woman"


Curious about this as well :)


Why does it seem like there is no "a" in the sentence? For example in engllish it is how it is written above, She is A woman. In spanish, ella es UNA mujer. Here it is Ea (she) e (is) femeie (woman). Is it included in "e" or "este" ? is that just an odd (to me) concept I have to get used to? Or is there logic to it?


In Spanish, you can perfectly say "ella es mujer", without the article. Both forms would be correct.


it's the same thing in romanian. both forms are correct but "ea este femeie" in romanian, sounds more... natural :). Is not included in "e" or "este". As someone above said, "e" is another form of "este", used in everyday speech.


In the sentence "e" is pronounced as /ye/ but when you listen to it separately it is just /e/. Are both pronunciations correct?


Ce ciudat e să îți înveți limba dintr-o limbă necunoscută ție =)))


dariuta22...este, insa afli si cu ce se framanta un englez cand vrea sa invete romana!


I can't seem to understand the difference in pronunciation between femeie and femeia.


(O)Femeie= a woman( generic) Ex: Ea este (o)femeie. = She is a woman. Femeia= the woman( specific) Ex: Femeia are un copil. =The woman has a child.


Is the punctuation correct in the Romanian example with a comma between the two sentences? I know punctuation and sentence structure can be quite different between languages from the same family. I'm curious to know how accurate this is here.

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    Sound is not ok in slow motion. Can't repeat the sound since the buttons vanish after typing. Galaxy s7


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    Feels very unnatural in English


    The English translation sounds perfectly natural to me.

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