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  5. "Eu nu am laptele sau ceaiul."

"Eu nu am laptele sau ceaiul."

Translation:I do not have the milk or the tea.

November 16, 2016



When do you know when to use "am" or "ai"?


"Am" is the first person singular ("I") conjugation [present tense] of "to have"; "ai" is for the second person singular ("you").


Why does it end in -le? I thought that "the" was -ul or -a? Is it just an irregular noun with its own endings?


'Eu nu am' is i do not have.. and 'tu ai un' ..you have..might be the difference here. It is all a matter of context here between me and you though.


I don't like it that you have to write 'the' milk...

[deactivated user]

    I am not sure. But I think the statement means literally I do not have THE milk nor THE tea, as opposed to I have got no milk nor tea. Hopefully someone that knows better will clarify this for all of us. It is fascinating to learn all this, isn't it?


    It is a weird sentence. May be used when you ask for a drink, the waiter forgot to give you the drink and you forgot what is the drink you asked for :)


    Why THE tea and THE milk??

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