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  5. "Eu am merele."

"Eu am merele."

Translation:I have the apples.

November 16, 2016



'Măr' is a gender neutral noun, right? That's why we had 'un măr, două mere', if I understand 'două' vs 'doi' correctly. But isn't the -le used for masculine nouns that end in 'e'? I'm not disputing the use of 'merele' here. I just want to understand the rule(s).


This might be wrong, but I think the "le" stands for the article here; that's why the translation is "the apples" instead of only "apples".


I'm sure it's the article, and I apologize if my initial question wasn't clear. I know neuter nouns follow the rules of feminine nouns when they are plural. I was under the impression that the '-le' article was only used for plural, masculine nouns that end in 'e.' Now, (if I'm learning correctly) I know that it is the proper article for all plural nouns that end in 'e.' Thanks for your response.


What is the difference between mar, mere, and merele?


Măr is the singular noun, without an article. (apple)

Mărul is the singular noun, with a definite article. (the apple)

Mere is the plural noun, without an article. (apples)

Merele is the plural noun, with a definite article. (the apples)


Wow thanks that’s really helpful I was confused too


Sunt mere bune si frumoase?

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