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  5. "Eu scriu și tu citești."

"Eu scriu și tu citești."

Translation:I write and you read.

November 16, 2016



Here's how to conjugate scrie and citi for anyone who's confused or just needs a little reminder:

a scrie (to write)
eu scriu / tu scrii / el, ea scrie
noi scriem / voi scrieți / ei, ele scriu

a citi (to read)
eu citesc / tu citești / el, ea citește
noi citim / voi citiți / ei, ele citesc


From Google: The answer is simple: right, rite, wright, write are homophones of the English language.


it's a nice fun sounding sentence


I should be i will write and you read


I wrote “ I am right and you read “.... And yet, the results came back as incorrect.


Hummm.....big difference in meaning, not in pronunciation, between 'I am right' (I am correct) and 'I write (I put pen, pencil, etc. to paper and 'print' manually a word, letter, book, etc.....@_@ From Google: 'The answer is simple: right, rite, wright, write are homophones of the English language'.

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