"Noi citim ziarul, voi citiți meniul."

Translation:We are reading the newspaper, you are reading the menu.

November 16, 2016

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I have translated the following Romanian sentence into English. “Noi citim ziarul, voi citiți meniul”. I translated it as, “We read the newspaper, you read the menu”. Duolingo says I am wrong. It says I should have given the answer, “We are reading the newspaper, you are reading the menu”. Why? To the best of my knowledge Romanian only has one form of the present tense, unlike English with its three forms. So, I cannot understand why I cannot translate this Romanian sentence into the simple form of the present tense in English. Why does Duolingo want me to translate it in to the active form of the present tense?


Actually, as far as I know, there is no difference between present simple and present continous tenses in Romanian language


There isn't. That's why an answer in either form in English should be accepted.

I don't know of another language that has three forms of the present tense as we do in English. That, of course, doesn't mean there aren't any; I just don't know of any.

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If I remember right, both “We read the newspaper, you read the menu” and ”We are reading the newspaper, you are reading the menu.” are considered good answers in the course. When the system suggest you a translation, it pick for you, randomly, just one from the pool of best translations. So, there is no pressure to you to choose the suggested one, simply there is no space to show you all the best answers... That's why I think you made another mistake...


So is tu singular you and voi is plural you? Like the french tu/vous?


Yes, from my understanding that's correct. Voi is used - 'you' (plural) or 'them'


Why isn't y'all acceptable? Voi is the plural, right?


I said: "We read the newspaper, you are reading the menu." Can't see how it's wrong.


I did the correct one yet it still marks it as incorrect


I have gracefully answered using the right words and the system told me I did it wrong :-(

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That was very weird because I done the same thing

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