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Romanian Text-to-Speech?

I've been using the Romanian course for two days, and I like it.
The sentences are great! Sometimes regular, day to day conversational sentences, book sentences, sometimes creepy ones, useless, and funny ones as well!
One thing that I've been hearing is that there are a few problems with the TTS, some words are pronounced wrong.
Could someone from the community, maybe propose a TTS that would be better than the one they're currently using? They might be able to use that one instead... maybe it could pronounce things better...

What do you guys think?

November 16, 2016


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I think recorded audio would have been much better in this case. Even for a native speaker, sometimes it's hard to understand what the TTS is trying to say.


I perfectly agree with you that sometimes it is hard for a native speaker to understand the TTS, however recorded audio in my opinion is not the right way to go. You'd give up pronunciation of all image exercises and when you hover over a word you wouldn't hear a thing. Plus, it seems like audio recorded courses do not get speech exercises. :-(
If only duolingo would expand it's support for recorded audio courses... :-(


Definitely a lot of mispronounced words in there. And it's a shame because there aren't many resources out there for Romanian.

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