"They are girls and they are boys."

Translation:Ele sunt fete și ei sunt băieți.

November 16, 2016

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What is the difference between și and iar?


"și" is always used for "and" while "iar" can in some cases be used for "and" but at other times, for "but"... like this...

"Eu sunt un băiat iar mie îmi place să mă joc jocuri video." (I am a boy and I like to play video games.)
"Eu te iubesc pe tine iar tu mă urăști." (I love you [but/and or however] you hate me.)


I see! Mulțumesc! (:


How do you detetmine when to use ele or ei for the word they?


Ei is for masculine and Ele for feminine


Boys is masculine, you use "ei", girls is feminine, you use "ele". You got to know the genrr of thr word.


I love the one option "I eat girls and I eat boys"


This is the first time I've encountered "iar," during a strengthen skills lesson. It was not introduced earlier.


Where did iar come from? I only saw this in a Timed Practice.


Does anyone want to form a study group and learn romanian together? And would any native speakers like to tutor us and help us with proper grammar and pronounciation?


The indicated correct answer is not one of the option. The one the system accepts lack "și"

[deactivated user]

    anyone know a way to make pronouncing ei easier lol its a tongue twister to a english speaker


    Nu este nici o greșeală în răspuns, este exact așa cum indică ei, acceptă, totuși îmi subliniază și -ul


    I don't have the proper s with a comma on my phone so have to use the one with the cedilla instead. Sorry.

    [deactivated user]

      depends on your phone if you use i phone go to settings then general then keyboard and add Romanian keyboard. once done you can switch between them using the globe icon at the bottom corner of keyboard.if its a Android phone just as easy have a look in google will tell you a way.

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