"Bună, eu sunt o fată."

Translation:Hello, I am a girl.

November 16, 2016

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The word: bun/bună may be an adjective, a noun or an adverb.

bun/bună/buni/bune = good (adjective)
bun (masculine + neuter, singular): student bun = good student (male)
bună (feminine, singular): studentă bună = good student (female)
buni (masculine, plural): studenți buni = good students
bune (feminine + neuter, plural): studente bune = good students

bun = bunel = bunic = grandfather (masculine noun, singular)
bună = bunică = grandmother (feminine noun, singular)
bun/bunuri = goods, belongings (neuter noun)

Bună ! = Salut ! = Hi/Hello !
Mâncarea este bună = The food is good (mâncare = food, feminine noun)
Merele sunt bune = The apples are good (măr = apple, neuter noun)
Strugurii sunt buni = The grapes are good (strugure, masculine noun)
Filmul acesta este bun = This movie is good (film = movie, neuter noun)
Poftă bună ! = Bon appetit !/Enjoy your meal!
Bună ziua ! = Good afternoon ! (zi = day, feminine noun, singular)
Bună dimineața ! = Good morning ! (dimineață = morning, feminine noun, singular)
Bună seara ! = Good evening ! (seară = evening, feminine noun, singular)
Noapte bună ! = Good night ! (noapte = night, feminine noun, singular)
Drum bun ! = Farewell! (drum = way, path, road, neuter noun, singular)
Rămas bun ! = Farewell! (a rămâne = to remain)
Toate cele bune ! = All the best !
Pe bune ? = Really ?
(Ei) asta-i bună !


My answer was wrong yet clicking on bună gives you three different meanings for the word??


This word mean not only greeting, also it is an adjective that mean how nice or interesting is a thing or person. EX: Hello, what do you doing? Bună! (Salut! ), ce mai faci? OR: He is a good person. El este o persoană bună.


Technically bună is the feminine form of good (bun). It's like a short form of Bună ziua, which means Good day !


There is a mistake in the 'Tips and notes' here. It says use in stead of used. :)


What is the problem ?


What is the problem?

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