"Ea scrie și tu citești."

Translation:She writes and you read.

November 16, 2016

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Interesting how 'to write' seems to have Latin roots, while the antonym - 'to read' - sounds like it has a Slavic origin.


According to dexonline.ro, the verb "to write" - "scrie" comes from the latin word "scribere", and the verb for "to read" - "a citi" comes from the slavic "citati, cisti". So yes, you're quite right. So the Slavs where reading what the Romans wrote..


Yeah truly amazing, I love it :)


Yep! Romanian sounds great! I've loved this mix!


Читать is Russian for to read. It is like a word treasure hunt. More than any language I have studied. Romanian is chock fulla surprises!


Its true the polish word for to read is ,,czytać" like the russian word.


If you think deeply, the verb a scrie - also slavic. The slavic verb "scristy" means make scratches on the hard surfase :p

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    Until 1860, when the latin alphabeth was introduced, Romania used a cyrillic alphabeth based on the Bulgarian one...so no wonder that Romanian language borrowed some of the slavic words too...

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