"Centigramul de zahăr e pe masă."

Translation:The centigram of sugar is on the table.

November 16, 2016

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who ever uses the word centigram? I haven't used that word since high school. I think we should teach non-Romanian speakers other, more common words.


Well, the lesson itself is titled "Units of Measurements" and this could relate to science - such as physics and other studies.
While I see your point, I think having a few challenge or unfamiliar words here and there would just work to make the course more interesting.


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Even in an English scientific context in the UK we do not ever use centigrams. I use grams, milligrams and micrograms all the time, occasianally i might refer to a nanogram or a picogram but not a centigram (and i believe Americans stick more than us to imperial) therefore a correct translation to English of a centigram would be 10 micrograms in my humble, born in the queen's village only because that is where the maternity hospital was, opinion. Also how poor are the Romanians if they can only afford to put a centigram of sugar on the table? It is only 0.154 of a grain, in other words good luck finding that sugar on the table!


I like your comment, however a centigram is 10 milligrams, so there is some chance to find it...


Whether it is useful in this context is entirely irrelevant, Duolingo is just trying to teach you the word and how to use it


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