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  5. "El mănâncă doi usturoi."

"El mănâncă doi usturoi."

Translation:He eats two cloves of garlic.

November 16, 2016



Romania really has problems with vampires.


Would this be cloves of garlic or heads of garlic?


Pretty sure this would be considered two cloves of garlic, although you'd be more likely to hear "caţei de usturoi." Your question emphasizes a concern I have with this example, however: would one ever even say "I ate two garlics" in English OR Romanian? It doesn't sound right.


Agreed... I will see what I can do with this sentence.


It certainly sounds odd in English. I have had heads of garlic roasted so they could be eaten, but even if one were just eating garlic, I think of it as being uncountable (a lot of garlic, rather than many garlics) without it being modified by either clove or head.


Yup, garlic alone is unaccountable. Strange that the two scales (ears, heads) make it possible to count. Are all foods with 2 scales like this?


grrr... both ”heads” and ”cloves” should be accepted (”heads” is not, I just tried it) and it can be green (fresh) garlic too... kind of ❤❤❤❤❤❤ sentence in both Ro and En, something has to be done with it


I didn't know Shrek was Romanian


Its a funny word.

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