"You are a woman, not a man."

Translation:Tu ești o femeie, nu un bărbat.

November 17, 2016

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I love this duolingo app, it is a blast to learn Romanian because my parents are Romanian. So now I will understand a little bit of what they are saying. It's a good thing they can speak English! check it out - Eu sunt un fata nu un baiat.


O fată, O is for feminine : <3


Lol. My dad is. Cool Romanian! Eu sunt o fata!


o fata* but its okay, keep it up!


i wrote tu eşti and it gave me almost correct and underlined eşti which is what I wrote! no problem because it passed but small bug!


Not really... the type of "ș" you are using is called a "s with cedilla". the standard Romanian keyboard is wrong. In correct Romanian, we use the "s with a comma"
The same concept goes for "ț" as well.


ah ha! i see it now when i look really closely! Is there a keyboard option for windows that uses the proper one?


Actually is a matter of typography not grammar. S with comma below or with cedilla, as well as T with comma below or cedilla mean the same thing (Ș = Ş , Ț = Ţ). As far as I know, the standard romanian keyboard for Windows 7 and 10 uses the "comma below" variant, older versions use what have been labeled "romanian legacy" (with cedilla and a different layout). (I would not enter in a heated argument about "comma below" versus cedilla, use "comma below" whenever you can but remember that cedilla is not "wrong").


Some what annoyed that got marked wrong because I also used ești in the second clause. In similar questions elsewhere the answer has required the to be verb in the second clause. Which is actually correct?


What is the difference between esti and este? I don't get it!! Can someone help me?


Same verb. Eşti is for second person singular, so "tu". Este is for third person singular so "ea" or "el"


Whats the difference between 'ește' and 'este'


eşte is not an actual word..


Best app I am learning for my personal goal


Yeah, if that's a typo in your code a word options that's on you guys...

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