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  5. "Felmegyünk az autópályára."

"Felmegyünk az autópályára."

Translation:We are joining the motorway.

November 17, 2016



I don't see how "felmegyünk" means "we join". Anyone have any thoughts on that? Also, is "We are going up to the motorway" an acceptable translation?


"Felmegyünk" does not mean "we join". What is happening is that both "Felmegyünk az autópályára" and "We join the motorway" mean that we have been driving on a lesser road and are about to drive up onto the motorway.
You could also say "rámegyünk", that is also a common way of saying it.


Thanks for the explanation. I'm going to file this one under "idiomatic expressions".


Clearly this is a sentence you need to get wrong the first time in order to learn the idiomatic expression. I suppose that is one way to teach it.


"Merge" would be another possible translation.


I don't know about other English speaking countries, but in the U.S. I mostly just hear people say "get on the highway", which maps to the Hungarian phrase better than "join the highway" in my opinion. I've never heard anyone say the latter.


Motorway? How quaint! I wonder if they accept thruway (valid only in New York State, I believe) or highway (valid in the rest of the USA).


Yay, also New York!


Driving/going 'UP onto the motorway' would be quite common in English also, at least in English, English


In German it is "auf die Autobahn auffahren" which seems similar in meaning.


What are we joining the motorway with? What does this even mean?


It is a common way of explaining the action of driving onto the motorway in the UK, I think the best way of explaining it is that you are joining the motorists already driving on the motorway, so you and your car are becoming part of the (usually) bigger flow of traffic on a bigger type of road. Hope this helps? Another comment says that you can join a club/group, but not a motorway, but if you think of it this way, you are joining a group of other motorists who are also driving on the motorway.


what is wrong with the highway? I could join a club, is the motorway some sort of club?


"We join the higway" was wrong


We are entering the motorway should be accepted also, but it isnt.


In Canada we also say: We get on the highway. I have never heard this Hungarian expression used.


Must be a glitch in the software on this question. Even though I keep correctly writing "We join the motorway" it rejects it and I can only move forward by turning off the listening facility.


How is the 'ly' pronounced? I heard 'l' but shouldn't it be 'j'?


I am not sure I am right but I think it should say we MERGE onto the motorway.

I think Felmegyunk means "we go down away" and autopalyara means onto the motorway. So I picture us driving down onto the motorway and in western North American I think we would say "we merge onto to motorway."


pályaudvar, have they interconnection between ? palya ??


To answer peoples questions about the use of the word "highway", this is too general an expression: its any kind of major road open to all traffic. An "autopalya" is quite specific: a limited access high-speed road (gyorsforgalmi ut), with legal restrictions on the kinds of traffic that can use it, like an Interstate (US) or Motorway (UK/Eire). A main road has different terms like fo:ut or orsza'gosu't.

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