"Noi mâncăm friptură de pește."

Translation:We eat fish steak.

November 17, 2016

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I suggest "broiled fish" "Fish steak" sounds forced English. It is just as a word for word from Romanian into English.


Also maybe 'we eat a fillet of fish' could be appropriate?


no, it should be fried fish. In English there are 1. the noun ”fish fry” 2, the verb ”to have/do a fish fry”, and of course that which you eat at a fish fry is ”friend fish”. It certainly is not roasted or even considered that. A filet of fish is specifically that, and if it is friend it is simply a fried fish filet


So, is this simply a past passive participle, like the English "fried"? Would it indicate that the fish has been cooked in oil, i.e. fried? If so, then I would absolutely agree with you that the translation should refer to the cooking method, rather than the cut. The problem is that we have also had this word applied to beef, where it was translated as "steak." As I said, that should indicate the cut, not the cooking method. If a beef friputura would be fried in oil, then I would suggest it should be translated "fried steak" or even, for us Americans, "chicken-fried steak," if it is breaded and fried like a schnitzel. The word "steak" alone applied to beef would indicate broiling or some sort of other method involving flaming or searing.


That's true. I was thinking "We eat fish steak" as well.


This is interesting, because when preparing fish, we distinguish between a steak, which is a simple slice of the fish, as if it were a loaf of bread, from a fillet, which is the entire muscular side of a fish removed in one piece. But then, I have only ever heard of salmon steaks and shark steaks. I imagine other large fish might be prepared that way too, though.


There's also tuna steak.


Friptură sounds very similar to fritura, which means fried something. Could it also mean fried fish? Or there's no relation between both words?


They appear to be related, though at this point the meanings have diverged somewhat. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/friptur%C4%83


Why is it "fish steak" instead of "fish meat" or "fish"?


We eat fish fillets. Surely is the proper way to say this.


That would actually be the opposite of a steak. See my first comment above or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_steak.


Oh yeah! Thanks for backing me up.


Hmm, that should be "chicken steak" too. :× I never heard that someone use "fish steak"


Quite! In British English one does not use the term fish steak. I knew it was not fried fish so I cheated and looked at the prompt. That said roasted fish. Well, Walton's Compleat Angler is always roasting fish but again, I have never heard anyone asking for that! Duo even rejected their prompt.


The Romanian statement is so wrong....


what does de mean?


it sort of means "of" if you were to think of it like de/du/d' is used in French, like this would be literally "steak of fish" and we would say "fish steak"


All the recipes i see for "friptură de peste" look like baked fish.


Fish steak is just... No. How about a fish fillet?


Fish steak would never be used in English. Steak is a word used almost exclusively for beef


Salmon, shark, and swordfish are often served as steaks. While filets are cut along the length of the fish, a slice from side to side is a steak. They are quite common in regions where those larger fish are eaten.


We do not use "friptură de pește" in Romanian. I never heard that. We eat "pește prăjit" instead of "friptură de pește"


Steak înseamnă :bucată de carne, antricot,biftec nu friptură .Friptură se traduce: roast .Ce faci Duolingo ??


This is WRONG. Friptură (French ”friture”, Italian ”frittura”), in itself is fried fish, and seafood.


Nope, it means steak, It's a false friend.

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