"Eu mănânc un măr."

Translation:I am eating an apple.

November 17, 2016

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I'm having a really difficult time trying to pronounce this with the ă and â. I've looked at the various pronunciation guides for Romanian vowels, both here and on other sites, and still can't seem to figure out how to put all these sounds together! Can anyone give some pointers on how to sound out mănânc?



The first one (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to type these letters under Linux) is pronounced like the "o" in the english word love and the second one is pronounced like the "i" in the english word first. Hope that helps


Thanks so much. It's amazing how we don't even think about the way it feels to shape our mouths to pronounce certain sounds in our native language, yet a foreign language can feel so clumsy and awkward to speak properly!

It's still a difficult word but your response has helped me sound it out better. Thanks again :)


My personal method of getting special characters when unavailable is to find something with a special character(for example, a translator) and copy that character. However, I have an onscreen keyboard for my computer so I don't need to do that. â


Which distro? Maybe I can help :)


I'm using ZorinOS


I'd say a more accurate description of "ă" is the "e" în "water".
"â" doesn't really exist in most dialects of English. It sounds kinda like the middle between "i" and "ă". Here's three recordings of "mănâncă":


Thank you! That link was very useful. I've read that the ă can be thought of like a word that ends in "er," but you don't pronounce the "r." It's good advice, but for me I think it just comes down to hearing it enunciated slowly like the voices on that link. Thanks again--appreciate it! :)


Well, I would say there are three ways of pronouncing the a related letters. 1. A is pronounced full opened mouth 2. Ă is pronounced with half opened mouth 3. Â is pronounced with your mouth almost closed and teeth fully attached


"Ă" is the sound in your throat when you annoyed to something and â is the same but sounds more like "o" :D


They have a guide on here? LOL


Will there be a better sound?


I am Romanian. I think the sound it is exactly like Romanian.


It's so needed. The worst audio on Duolingo


I find the sound of this sentence very accurate


Does anyone know why the verb "mânca" expands an extra syllable when conjugated? It through me for a loop.


It just does. This happens for all persons in the present tense except for noi and voi.

A MÂNCA (to eat)
1S eu mănânc
2S tu mănânci
3S el mănâncă
1P noi mâncăm
2P voi mâncați
3P ei mănâncă

It's sort of like how the Italian bere becomes bevo, bevi, beve &c.



mar should be sounded like "mur", but it sounds like "muar"


Is the letter r in măr rolled like that?


Yes, it is! It's hard to pronounce for native Americans, isn't it? :D


Thanks, and I know!


Have a watch of this. It helps with rolling your r's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld3A3QCpXd4 Hope you find it useful.


Thanks! I think I have a better idea of how to do it now, haha.


Yeah it's weird. Once you work out that you're meant to say r's the same way you say l's instead of v's it makes it a lot easier. I still struggle a lot though haha.


I can read romanion. Words but not sure of pronunciaon


Is there something like ,,it"?


No ! Most of the times you'll skip using it, but if needed you can substitute it with he/she (el/ea) depending on noun's gender, which is very easy to determinate, you only have to learn a few nouns and their genders. Hope it helped <3


How do I know if the sentence is in present indefinite or present continuous? :(

It said to translate the sentence, "Eu mănânc un măr"

and I answered just as the app taught me all this time, "I eat an apple"

but now it says the correct answer is, "I am eating an apple" :(


Sounds here are kinda hazy hahaha

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