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  5. "Este o oaie!"

"Este o oaie!"

Translation:It is a sheep!

November 17, 2016



Vai ce pronunție defectuoasă! Oare și în alte limbi este acest tip de eroare? ,,Oaie,, așa de nerecunoscut de romani!


I am romanian and it is hard to understand the pronunciation on fast mode..wtf


If this is a female, then it is a ewe, while a male would be a ram. Fewer speakers of English may use these words on a daily basis, but we do have separate words for the sexes of the farm animals.


Thanks for pointing this out! - I modified the accepted answers.


Wow... no more than vowels in this word!


All the consonants were taken by the Serbs . . .


Under what circumstances can "este" mean "there is"? I tried translating this as "there is a sheep" and was marked wrong.


2 years later, I know :) Your answer could be correct, depending on the context, but it would still be a bit awkward. As in English, "there is/are" needs an expressed or implied location (expressed preferred). "There is a sheep" would require a context that means "here", or "on the balcony", or "in outer space". "Aici este o oaie" would definitely translate to "There is a sheep here". Unfortunately, Duolingo questions operate on a total lack of context, hence you cannot assume any implied location. Imagine you get a surprise present from your friends, they put a blindfold on you, take you to the item in question and remove the blindfold. No context, total surprise. The present is... a sheep. You won't say "there is a sheep", most probably you will blurt out "it is... a sheep" (whoopty doo...)


"Este oe?" Ce pronuntie "perfecta".


How can the pronunciation and elocution be so awful throughout this course? I imagine it's a robot voice developed by non-Romanians.


Generally, the pronunciation in this course has almost nothing to do with how real Romanian sounds. It has a lot of hiccups like this one, it has an unnatural linguistic musicality and it is biased towards the Transylvanian dialect (which is not the literary form of the language). You can learn some basics from this course, but for learning the language proper I would look for a... "voice" pal (as opposed to a pen-pal). Source: native speaker :)

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