"Ea mănâncă curcan pe orez."

Translation:She eats turkey over rice.

November 17, 2016

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Turkey over rice would not be used in UK. We would say with or on rice. Over implies it's hovering above the rice.


What is the difference between pe and cu? How do I know when to use which?


'Pe' means 'on (to something)', where as 'cu' means 'with'. Let me give you a short example:

Eu pun telecomanda pe masă. (I put the remote on the table)

Eu mă uit la televizor cu Maria (I am watching TV with Maria)


pe orez implies the turkey is on the rice and cu orez implies that the turkey is mixed up with the rice. So both are correct but have slightly different meanings. The translation "with rice" could arguably apply to both pe or cu.


Then why is this sentence "Ea mănâncă carcan pe orez." and not "Ea mănâncă carcan cu orez."


That sentence is actually quite odd and I think the developers of the Romanian course should consider changing it to 'cu', because that's how we say it in the part of Romania where I live.

On point, 'cu' makes that sentence sound much more natural than 'pe' does.


Yes, but on the other hand we do have a dish called "rață pe varză". Which means the duck is cooked separately and served on a dish of cabbage. And this is different from "rață cu varză", where the duck meat is cooked together with the cabbage. Same raw materials, different outcomes.


Alright, thank you very much! Mulțumesc!

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    What part of Romania do you live? I want to know


    "Curcan pe orez" =)))))))))))) This must be new. But the real question is: should we say "curcan pe orez" or "orez sub curcan". :-? Hmmm.... I think "orez pe coliva curcanului" is much better. Good luck learning Romanian. You're gonna need it.


    If the turkey sits ON the rice (i.e. the rice is underneath the turkey) you use "pe"? But if the turkey is placed on a dish next to a serving of rice you use "cu"?


    Asta nu are logică


    E gresita traducerea

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