"Eu mănânc miere la desert."

Translation:I eat honey for dessert.

November 17, 2016

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The pronunciation of 'desert' is off. The first e should be pronounced just like the second e.


Just honey? From the jar? Who has honey just for dessert?


In some other sentence, "for" was rejected as the translation for "la" (but accepted here), and doesn't show in the pop-up hints (only "at", "to" and "about"). If it's a valid translation I can submit for the other sentences where it was market wrong.


Can you substitute "la" for "pentru"?


No, you can't, certainly not in this particular sentence, with the verb "a mânca" = "to eat," which is more about when you are going to eat the honey, as part of which course of the meal.
You might be able to say "Eu cumpăr miere pentru desert." = "I buy honey for the dessert." (i.e., as an ingredient for a dessert I'm going to prepare or as something I'm going to eat on its own for dessert, although the latter might work better with fruit or cakes.)


But what does "la" mean?


Vrea sa spuna ca desertul este exclusiv alcatuit din miere!


Desi in prezent limba romana este stricata de utilizarea excesiva a prepozitiei "la"!


Means at or for Depends on the context

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