"- Mulțumesc! - Cu plăcere!"

Translation:- Thank you! - You are welcome!

November 17, 2016

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I wrote, thanks, with pleasure and they indicated wrong. I think it should have been accepted as an answer.


Fixed it! Thank you for pointing it out! :D

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    Are "mersi" and "mulțumesc" equally polite ? Because once I wrote "thanks" for the translation of "mulțumesc" and it was wrong.


    Mersi is short for Mulțumesc but it is also informally used. Mulțumesc is more appropriate between acquaintances and Mersi is for friends and family.

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      Ok I get it, mulțumesc :-)


      What about couples? My lady is from Bucharest. I want to surprise her. :)


      I have seen some places (Memrise) for example put Mersi as short form - thanks and Multumesc as Thank you


      Are you sure? It has told me now too that "thanks" is wrong


      Uhm, I just wrote "thanks, with pleasure" and it said incorrect...


      The slow version has a glitch. Lol


      Yeah there's some weird phrase in front of multemesc if you play it slow.


      Hmm... Actually in my native language ''Cu'' has a vulgar connotation... xD


      As a noun, eh? So, "cu" is a preposition meaning "with". Is it also a preposition meaning "on".? I wonder also whether or not "cu" could mean "the" in some other context(s).


      Please remember Duolingo that English is just not spoken in the U.S. We English use "Don't mention it" , or "not at all" ,you're welcome is used sometimes but not as much as in the U.S. Please don't say our English English is incorrect!!!


      Yep. I put "Don't mention it" and it was marked wrong. Particularly on phrases like this Duo has a very narrow idea of the right answer.


      "Thanks - You are welcome" is still indicated wrong.


      I have the same problem. The "'thanks' cannot be accepted" thing that they say is still bugging me.


      Whats with the grammar? Can it be changed to read ober two lines if its meant to be a reply. Speech marks may be an easier way of denoting.


      When in slow mode it says something extra (and weird) in the beginning ?!


      I wrote thanks you are welcome and its marked wrong.... when they're equivalent in both languages


      Hit the report button next time you see that. This particular course is made/maintained by volunteers, so they didn't put every possible correct translation into the database.

      So some right translations aren't marked correct, and the way you get that fixed is you report the problem.


      Am scris thanks si a zis ca e gresit..pnm


      Pentru că thanks e literalmente mulțumiri, iar thank you e îți mulțumesc ! Nu e greșeala lor, ci a ta :(


      I wrote " - Thanks - You're welcome! The translation was indicated wrong: is the problem in the forst word or in the contraction? I think it should have been accepted as an answer.


      As I wrote above, this is a volunteer-run course. The volunteers have to type in every accepted translation. That means they don't have every correct translation listed for every sentence in the course. Next time you do this lesson type "Thanks! You're Welcome!" and if it's not accepted hit the Report button.


      It says wrong if i don't write the -


      Glad you can put it in to one sentence.


      Who says, thank you yiu are welcome?


      What's the etymology of mulțumesc? I saw mulțumiri in the comments so I'm guessing it's a verb in the imperative or smth like that... It means thank you but not literally thank you. I want to know that.


      Not an officially recognized etymology but seems very credible to me: in ancient times when Romans colonized today's Romania if someone was offered help, food, clothing and so on, would answer "That is a lot (to give)" - in Latin "Multum est"


      I didn't do it good becuse i haven't put the-

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