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  5. "He knows and we do not know."

"He knows and we do not know."

Translation:Він знає, а ми не знаємо.

November 17, 2016



Why is one form of 'and' accepted and the other not?

[deactivated user]

    «І» doesn't work in this sentence, because «і» joins similar things, it marks joined things as belonging to roughly the same group. However, 'he knows' and 'we don't know' is not a similar thing, those sentences are contrasted, so we use «а».


    It's all about the agreement between the subjects, verbs and objects of the two sentences you want to connect:

    Ти любиш макарони, і ти любиш/ненавидиш рис (the subject is the same, so nothing else matters)

    Ти любиш макарони, і вона любить макарони (both love; both love pasta)

    Ти любиш макарони, а вона ненавидить (hate) макарони (both are about pasta, but the action is different)

    Ти любиш макарони, а вона любить рис (the action is the same, but the object is different)


    Він знає, та ми не знаємо. Він знає, але ми не знаємо. Без контекста ці варіанти imho цілком прийнятні, додайте будь ласка.


    and -> а (in this case, and not і/й/та)

    but -> але/та

    So no, not in this case.

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