"My pink hat."

Translation:Το ροζ καπέλο μου.

November 17, 2016

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Although it is accepted, το ροζ μου καπέλο is not the translation given in the topic. My understanding of possessive pronouns was that they should always come before the noun if there is an adjective. Is this not always the case?


A Duo Oops! The answer at the top of this Comments page was definitely NOT an available choice (of 3) ... AND was not the answer given. In fact none of the 3 choices were correct. I have before-&-after screen captures if you need them.


I have before-&-after screen captures

I'd be interested in seeing them.

Can you upload them to a website somewhere, please? For example, imgur or Google Drive or Flickr -- anywhere, as long as they are visible to the general public (you may have to adjust sharing settings).

Then post the URLs of the images here.

Thank you!


This is my first time using Imgur so please let me know if you can't see the screenshots in this link. https://imgur.com/gallery/UmvPYQb PS: I have since learnt that their WAS a correct answer (although not the one at the top of this Comments page) - it was an alternative word for "pink" that had NEVER been taught previously or since, and there were no drop-down boxes to check the Hints even though this was the first time we had encountered the new word.


I'd be most happy to - anything to contribute. Give me 24 hours to set up a public site on imgur or other. It's my bedtime now ;-)


Not sure if you had the same but I had "το ρόδινο καπέλο μου" which seems correct though it's different from ροζ

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