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  5. "My pink hat."

"My pink hat."

Translation:Το ροζ καπέλο μου.

November 17, 2016



Although it is accepted, το ροζ μου καπέλο is not the translation given in the topic. My understanding of possessive pronouns was that they should always come before the noun if there is an adjective. Is this not always the case?


"το" seems redundant since we are already using "μου".


It may seem redundant to you, but not to a Greek :)

I see that you are level 25 in Italian; you should be used to this "article + possessive" construction from there as well (il mio cappello rosa).

Similarly, Greek uses a seemingly-redundant definite article with determiners, e.g. αυτό το σπίτι for "this house" -- literally, "this the house". But that's normal for Greeks (or, say, Hungarians).


Arabic also has the same construction. To say 'this house' one needs to literally say 'this the house' (hadha al-bait). If you take out the 'the' ('al' in this example) it means 'this is a house' (hadha bait). Interesting.

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